101. The Pilot

Written by Sheri Elwood

Fitz hits rock bottom when he crashes a test drive, puts a woman in a coma, and wakes up to find he’s grown a conscience – a living/breathing do-gooder named Larry. But is Larry really who he says he is?

102. Loco

 Written by Sheri Elwood & Dennis Heaton

When Larry purges Fitz of all his drugs and alcohol, Fitz tries to get Larry thrown in the nut house, but in the throes of the DTs is Fitz the crazy one?

103. Mama

 Written by Sheri Elwood

When Fitz discovers Ken is thinking about leaving Fitzpatrick Motors to Larry, he enlists the help of his absentee, alcoholic mother Elaine.

104. Long Con Silver

 Written by Pat Bullard

Desperate to reconcile mother and child, Larry encourages Fitz to team up with Elaine for some good ‘old-fashioned’ family bonding and scam the Ruptals.

105. The Back End

 Written by Ari Posner

It’s the eve of Ken’s birthday, and of course Fitz has to blow Meghan’s gift out of the water. And what says ‘happy birthday dad’ like a custom-made porn film?

106. Going Down Syndrome

 Story by Steven Cragg, Teleplay by Dennis Heaton

Fitz tries to get rid of Larry by hooking him up with a girlfriend, but boys night out results in Fitz sleeping with the drunkest girl at the bar. And boy, is she ‘special’…

107. The Diving Bell And The Barbara

 Written by Adriana Maggs

With a comatose Babs now able to communicate, Fitz asks for her limp hand in marriage, hoping spousal privilege will protect him from her morse code testimony.
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108. Married to the Mom

 Written by Heidi Gerber

While Fitz is surprised to discover his marriage to Babs fulfills his latent maternal longings, her daughter Ali is disgusted. But as the creepy love triangle unfolds, so does a tragic accident…
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109. The Upside Of Matricide

 Written by Dennis Heaton

Ali learns Babs’ dying wish was an organic burial – simple, tasteful, and completely illegal. And if anyone can help her skirt the law, it’s Fitz…

110. The Kidney Stays In The Picture

 Written by Ari Posner

Fitz and Larry get tangled up in a black market organ exchange. Which one will lose a kidney?

111. This Business Has Been Homicide Free For __ Days

 Written by Adriana Maggs & Jeff Detsky

When a sniper lays siege to Fitzpatrick Motors, Larry is convinced it has something to do with Fitz’s recent bout of the clap – and the dozens of women he may have spread it to.

112. Honesty, Integrity, And Low Mileage: Part 1

 Written by Sheri Elwood & Tracy Dawson

After a rough sales year, Fitz is out of contention for Used Car Salesman of the Year… unless he teams up with Larry.

113. Honesty, Integrity, And Low Mileage: Part 2

 Written by Sheri Elwood & Dennis Heaton

After being kidnapped, Fitz’ fate is in the hands of some very, er, intimate captors. Will Larry come to his rescue in time? With his life, rep and a few dark Fitzian secrets on the line…. does Fitz even want him to?