Weather conditions delayed departure from St. Petersburg for Munich and the connection to Milano for the van to Lugano. We made the connection because they held the plane for us but not the luggage. So we had a bit of a layover in Milan while we waited for the luggage to catch up with us. Everyone was a good sport, and John Giordano took this opportunity to stretch out!

Ahh! It’s all worth it.
Sunset at Lugano.
Marcello sits for the setting of the stage lights before auditions begin.

The first day of recitals showcased 6 applicants performing a range of repertoire from Beethoven to Ligeti, with three opting for Schumann. The hall in the radio station is perfect for these auditions; the audience is rapt and polite, with definite preferences. Two from North Texas came to Lugano to follow these auditions in person, one joining the trek in Hannover and continued to St. Petersburg.
Davide Cabassi comes to say ‘Hello’ and share news!

Davide Cabassi comes to say HELLO and to share news.

Four years ago Davide auditioned in Lugano for the Twelfth Competition in which he competed and became a laureate ~ finalist, and he remembered how very nervous he was in Lugano. Today he came to tell us he and his wife are expecting their first child in July. Davide’s smile lit up the hall. CONGRATULATIONS! With great expectations, Alann

bookmark_borderSunday in Lugano ~ Day II

Six very interesting applicants ~ from all over the globe ~ Italy, Israel, Canada, Japan, Taiwan, Korea. Special performances of Stravinsky, Scarlatti, Szymanowski, Scriabin made for a wonderful day of concerts.

There has been good coverage of the auditions on the radio and television, including interviews with Richard. However, the audiences remain small but faithful ~ eager to give encouragement to these remarkable young artists as they take on this challenge.

The acoustics are very good ~ can hear every soft note; in quiet passages it seems as if we hold our breaths, not wanting to disturb the resonance of the notes ~ and there is no coughing, regardless of the cold.

Getting ready to return home! ‘Knee deep’ in snow, Alann